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What Is IT Technology?

ITG is regulated blockchain infrastructure provider building enterprise solutions for an open, digital economy. ITG has been established by ITG Technology - An IT-focused firm and blockchain-related.


“Climate change is the defining crisis of our time and it is happening even more quickly than we feared”

- United Nations


IT Technology Global Ltd

Nearly every company, from a software design firm, to the biggest manufacturer, to the smallest "mom & pop" store, needs information technology workers to keep their businesses running smoothly, according to industry experts. Most information technology jobs fall into four broad categories: computer scientists, computer engineers, systems analysts and computer programmers. HR managers responsible for recruiting IT employees increasingly must become familiar with the function and titles of the myriad job titles in demand today.

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IT Technology

Our Ecosystem Products

Computing Hardware

Computer hardware includes the physical parts of a computer, such as the case, central processing unit (CPU), monitor, mouse, keyboard,etc

Operating System

An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware, software resources, and provides common services for computer programs.

Application Software

An application program is a computer program designed to carry out a specific task other than one relating to the operation of the computer itself.


The database management system is the software that interacts with end users, applications, and the database itself.

Blockchain and Tokenization

ITG can help your company launch innovative, regulated and blockchain-based financial solutions.

Crypto Brokerage

Crypto infrastructure with qualified custody, licensing and trading.


A Web3.0 platform that democratizes Carbon investing by making it accessible to everyone while doing good for the planet.

Be part of the solution!

Climate change is a major global crisis that is already having serious and far-reaching consequences for people, economies, and the natural world. Without urgent and drastic action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the root causes of climate change, the impact of this crisis will continue to worsen and may become irreversible, with potentially catastrophic consequences for humanity and the planet.

15 Billion Trees

Cut down annually by humans

5 Billion Trees

Planted annually by humans

10 Billion Trees

Annual shortfall


Company Branch (Legality)

Company Information
Address: Suite 102, Group Floor, Corner of Eyre & Hutson Streets, Belize City, Belize
Enterprise Code: 174635
Vice President: Mr. David Kevin

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Why choose us

Our Main Features

IT Technology uses the most advanced technologies today under the management of the world's leading experts.


You don't need to wait for days to get your problem solved with IT Technology.


Our technology can greatly influence your organization's capacity for change.


We are completely ready for leading technology of the future - Blockchain.


We have a team of technology professionals with years of experience.


We support and are proud of every single customer all over the world.


We are applying AI technology in every aspect of our products and services.

Low cost

IT Technology with ITG Token will soon be integrated on the BEP20 platform.


Our decentralized, serverless platform is protected from outside attacks and interference.

Smart Contract features

Covered smart-contract

IT Technology works on smart contracts - a digital contract is similar to the contract in the physical world but based on blockchain technology. A smart contract translates an agreement to computer code and runs on the blockchain. Simply put, it’s some code wrITGen inside the blockchain. This code keeps track of terms of agreements and automates fulfillment. Smart contracts help the involved parties exchange money, property, shares, or anything else of value.


Our smartcontract is self-verifying due to automated possibilities.


It is self-enforcing when the rules are met at all stages.


No one can change what is recorded on the smart contract.


All contracts and transactions achieve the highest level of transparency.

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Read more about IT Technology , our ideas and intentions, and the solutions IT Technology brings to the blockchain market. Learn about ITG - the official token of the IT Technology platform.

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Token Distribution


ITG tokenomics are well-designed with an anti-whale and anti-dumping mechanism that helps protect investors from heavy losses.

BEP20 Smartcontract

Please check the ITG smart contract address before making a transaction (There are now fake ITG Tokens with the same name and symbols appearing on the blockchain). We recommend members to hold and transfer ITG directly on our official website IT Technology, instead of withdrawing to a personal wallet.

Funds Allocation

Token Distribution

Marketing & Airdrop
Community (Token Sale)
Dev team & Advisor
Token burn/Staking


Step 1

Fund Web 3.0 Wallet

Step 2

Connect to ITGlobal Platform

Step 1

Select and Purchase NFTs

Step 4

Stake and Earn ITG Tokens

Step 5

Deposit ITG into the liquidity pool for USDC or Exchange for Carbon Certificates


Our Roadmap

This is a high-level roadmap for the twelve months post-token sale

Q3 2021

- Whitepaper

Q4 2021

- Initial Coin Offering
- 15 Brands Secured

Q1 2022

- ITTECH Collect Beta App

Q2 2022

- ITTECH Collect v1 Public Release
-ITTECH Public In-App Sale commences

Q3 2022

- Augmented Reality Scene Creator Implementation
- ITTECH Collect Digital Hardware Wallet distribution
- ITTECH Collect v2 Release

Q4 2022

- Addition of Virtual Goods library for greater customisations
- Roll out of in-app gamification
- 3rd Party Integrations


- Launching Web3 E-commerce Platform
- Launching NFT Carbon Credit


- Launching NFT Carbon Credit market Place
- Launching Game NFT ITGlobal
-Luanching new Ecosystem : Visa card, Minting Token Phone, Glass, Watch, Ring etc

Cooperation with ITG

Our Team

ITG Team

1️⃣ ITG was designed as an open-source, community-driven project from day one. Hence, it is centered around its supporters rather than individual developers who can easily be applauded and praised for a successful start-up venture. This explains why the team has decided to stay anonymous that in turn gives more spotlight to their supportive following members.
2️⃣ ITG team does not need fame or attention, just keen ideas about how to change finance as they know it. All they care about are those creative ways of changing up our finances without us ever noticing with new technologies coming out every day in this fast-paced world we live in today! That's why the entire team chose anonymity so that their only focus is on creating a better financial system for people like you and us."

They Talk About Us

IT Technology has received attention from a large community of investors and technology lovers around the world. Update the latest articles and information about us.

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